What Danielle Does

Danielle is a storyteller, which means that she tells stories.*

To clarify, Danielle tells stories, rather than reading them aloud. She tells lots of different kinds of stories, but her favorites are stories of the fairy tale, queer, new trad, intersectional feminist, and hilarious varieties. Extra double lagniappe bonus points if there is music involved. Scratch the "if." There is almost certainly music involved.

She is also a fabulist, which means that she composes and relates fairy tales and fables. Composing new fairy tales with the tropes and trappings of traditional folklore falls into the genre of "new trad," short for "new traditional." Point of interest: the word fabulist can also mean liar, but Danielle's public relations team insists that this is merely a coincidence. The word also sounds like fabulous, which is definitely not a coincidence.

Stories typically range from 5 to 25 minutes in length, and programs usually run 45 to 80 minutes.

*You may be imagining a kindly lady at a library, wearing many flowy scarves and reading books to invariably sticky children. This is not the case.** A closer representation might be your cheeky and vaguely Italian grandmother, who loves to exclaim over how beautiful you are, remind everyone in the room about about the time your uncle did something embarrassing, listen to all your goings-on, and vigorously encourage you to eat second or third helpings of whatever is available.***

**Although I really do love libraries. And scarves, although in Louisiana it's usually too hot to wear them. And children's books. And children, for that matter, even the sticky ones. Not to mention sentence fragments.

***I am definitely not a grandmother, but in my heart of hearts, I have been an old lady for most of my life.****

****Possibly this entire section has gotten away from me.

Also, what's with the Pocketmouse?

Danielle read Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli when she was younger. It stuck.