Danielle circle


Danielle Bellone is a storyteller, fabulist, and enthusiast of the artsy and unemployable. She holds a Master's in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University, and is the 2017 recipient of the National Storytelling Network's JJ Reneaux Mentorship Grant, which allowed her to apprentice with storyteller Laura Packer. Danielle's work can be read in Indigo Ink's Modern Grimmoire, heard on her storytelling album, Moon-Eyed Sister, and enjoyed on a number of podcasts including The Appleseed and Story-Story Podcast. After a stint in Appalachia and the strange hills of Austin, TX, Danielle is happily nestled back in her mother country, New Orleans, where she can be found tricking blasé high schoolers into enjoying poetry, making dad-jokes with her spouse, whining about the heat, and laughing at the antics of her dogs, Grover Cleveland and Birdie June.