Pulse and Other Queer Heartbeats
Curated for the Budapest Pride Festival, this collection of tales will focus on the exceptional beauty and resilience of LGBTQ hearts. Pulling from both traditional folklore and original tales, these are saucy and poignant stories for adult ears.
Accompanying interactive workshop about the use of new trad stories to increase LGBTQ representation and address some of the gaps in more traditional folklore.
Who Run The World?
Stories of doughty damsels, powerful princesses, lionhearted ladies, and gutsy girls. This collection of traditional folktales, fractured fairytales, and new trad stories features fierce women getting things done. (Adaptable for both younger crowds and raucous adults enjoying gin and tonics)
Once More With Feeling!
This program contains traditional folktales with enormous amounts of audience participation! All of the stories in this program have opportunities for story listeners to become part of the story through clapping, singing, moving, call and response, and more. (All ages.)
Little Shivers
With some coaxing, Danielle can be convinced to tell scary stories and ghosty stories. Though she loves the thrill, sometimes she even scares herself, and has to spend the next several nights sleeping with the lights on. It's normal. (All ages.)
Let's Get Persona
Personal stories in the style of The Moth or Porchlight Storytelling Series. These stories are "true as remembered," showcasing Danielle's joyful and self-deprecating sense of humor. Highlights include a lesbian pulp address book, an encounter with the Bug Man, a surprising discovery at fat camp, and the moment Danielle realized that being related to doctors did not, in fact, make her in any way medically qualified. This collection includes some language that may be classified as "sailor-mouthed," age and adult audiences.
Accompanying interactive workshop on finding and crafting your own personal story.
In another life, Danielle was a competitive performance poet in Austin, Texas, where she was known for her narrative-style slam poetry. This is a collection of slam poems from that time of snaps and callouts. These are stories in poem form, told with Danielle's distinctive rhythm and wordplay...the puns in this program have run amok. (Adult audiences.)
Potchke and Schmaltz
An assortment of Jewish folktales, Chelm stories, and nigunim. (This program is in development.)